Essence of Meditation - lecture series

Chinmaya Vrindavan invites you to attend discourses on Dhyana Svarupam (Essence of  Meditation), authored by Swami Tejomyanandaji; talks by Swami Sharananandaji.



Dhyana Svarupam:  Sravana (listen), Manana (reflection) and Nididhyasana (contemplation) are the 3 steps Vedanta recommends for success in the spiritual path. However, a large percentage of aspirants never seriously get into Nididhyasana. Many of us don’t understand the right meaning of these terms... so we don’t see recognizable benefits.  But, if we understand the basic principle of meditation and practice these 3 steps, then the progress is assured.   Please come and listen to the wisdom of the Rishis as presented by Swami Tejomyanandaji.


Swami Sharanananda is a resident Swamiji of Chinmaya Mission Chicago, Badri since 1993.  Swamiji hails from Jagannath Dham (Puri) in Orissa, India. Inspired by Pujya Swami Chinmayananda, Swamiji joined Vedanta course in 1986, and received brahmachari diksha in 1988. Swamiji teaches various spiritual classes at different Chinmaya Mission centers.


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Event Date 01-30-2019 8:00 pm
Event End Date 01-30-2019 9:30 pm
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