Chinmaya Vrindavan - Cultural events

01-01-2018 - 12-31-2018
Individual - $150 / Family - $250

The music card allows free access to most cultural events (on Saturday/Sunday) as published by the cultural group of the Chinmaya Vrindavan Ashram.  Very few programs ( 2 or 3) per year are marked as premium events which will be at a discounted price for the music card holders. We plan to bring in 20 - 25 such events in a year.

The Family Music card is intended for families (Mom/Dad and kids) and does not include grand parents/other relatives/friends.  They need to buy tickets for ticketed events.

The Individual Music card is intended for one individual person. 

The music card is not transferable and is for the benefit of the person/family named in the card.

We hope you understand, appreciate and adhere to this policy.  The music card is deeply discounted, to help supporters to enjoy music events at the Ashram; however at the same time we need to compensate the artists who help sustain this extra ordinary artform. The funds you provide directly help support the artists and the ashram.

 Family Membership

 Individual Membership

 To view the list of programs during 2017, please click the link below:

05-19-2018 4:00 pm -6:30 pm

Shakir Khan is one of the most promising young exponents of the legendary Etawah Gharana, energetically following in the musical footsteps of his prodigious father and guru — the sitar maestro Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan. Indeed, Shakir represents the eighth generational link in an unbroken chain of musical talent and tradition poured exclusively into the sitar and surbahar. A chain that includes, besides Ustadji, the musical legacy of Ustad Aziz Khan (Shakir’s paternal grandfather), and that of the patriarchal surbaharist Ustad Wahid Khan (Shakir’s great grandfather). Great Ustad Vilayat Khan is his grand uncle.

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