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Our gurus – Gurudev, Guruiji and Swamiji – helped in establishing this wonderful Chinmaya organization and with your collective support Chinmaya Vrindavan has become a reality today. Pujya Gurudev in his immense wisdom gave us a simple motto “To give maximum happiness to the maximum number for the maximum time”. Everything that we do in the Temple, Balavihar Classes, Adult Study groups and Seva projects is directed towards this goal. To sustain this environment and tradition for us and the next generation we need support from dedicated families like yours.

Chinmaya Parivar is a joint family of the members of Chinmaya Mission created with a vision to enhance and promote the objective of the Chinmaya Mission. Joint family has been a cornerstone of Indian culture. They are the first training grounds for interpersonal skills, to learn lessons of patience, tolerance, cooperation and adjustment.

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This Plan provides the flexibility of paying the membership dues as a monthly recurring payment over the year.  The Membership dues of $100 will automatically deduct from the account every month.

This Plan enables the payment of membership dues as a one time payment during the year. membership dues will be automatically renew and the membership dues deducted every year when the dues for renewal.